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Archive for April, 2012

How to make an ebook CSS shortcut

Hello and I do hope you have enjoyed the 5 part series How to make an ebook. I certainly have enjoyed making it. In part 5, I promised some short cuts in the CSS code. I’m going to show you one short. (Just one!) This short cut will prove invaluable as it will save you […]

How to make an ebook pt 5

How to make an ebook pt 5 – Clickable Table of Contents – Navigation within an ebook – A map of your ebook at your fingertips. If you need to recap, then click on the links to go back Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4. Part 5 has to be the most exciting part of all […]

How to make an ebook pt 4

How to make an ebook pt 4 – Chapter 1 The Beginning (Well, not really but it is Chapter Time!!) I can’t believe how far we have gotten through these tutorials. (My fingers are bleeding!) I hope you have been seeing the results from following the ‘How to make an ebook’ tutorials. If you need […]

How to make an ebook pt 3

How to make an ebook pt 3 – Now we are going to get our hands dirty cracking our fingers on the code. Click any of these links to go back to How to make an ebook part 1 and part 2. Both have videos of the articles at the end of each page. Or you can […]

How to make an ebook pt 2

How to make an ebook pt 2 – The fun part begins – formatting the way you want it to look. A continuation from part 1 How to make an ebook. As with that, this will have images and a video to show you what you need to do, to get the look you want […]

How to make an ebook

There’s a right and a wrong way. Do it right first time. How to make an ebook or how to create an ebook and get it correctly formatted for Amazon Kindle – Well that’s my task that I’ve set out to do. The ‘how to convert an ebook to Kindle’ will also be covered later […]

Which eBook format

Which eBook format – Not all eReaders are created the same – Different ebook formats for different eReaders – Which ebook format? What a question to ask as there are a lot of formats that can be used, but there is NOT one eReader that can read them all. Why? Domination. (just love that word) […]

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