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Nominated and awarded Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello everyone.

I just want to say how very happy I am that I have been awarded the Versatile Blogger award. Nominated by Diane Mae Robinson, author of the brilliant children’s book ‘Sir Princess Petra

If you ever want a great story for your children then go and get this. The images are wonderful. The story is wonderfully written, innocent, charming has some great lessons that children can learn and best of all even adults will love this.

A book length of about 70 pages there is no-way you can say ‘Oh, I’m too busy!‘  This is awesome story telling and you will do yourself an injustice not to get it.

So thank Diane for this. I thought I was alone in the world of blogging but this proves there are some who do read my stuff!

As a way of passing it forward (is that correct?) I will mention some blogs that I do feel are really good and I number them but not in number of importance.

1. Again, Diane Mae Robinson. Why? Because she is taking time to review other people’s books and that’s no easy thing to do as we are all busy. Her writing is truthful and there is always something to learn. I like that a lot.

2. Alison Pensy. One of the very first ebooks I decided to download when I first decided to publish mine. Her Custodian Novels are brilliant if you feel you want to get away from our world and read something about the world of fae.  She must be doing something right as her first book, which is a free download has 57 positive Amazon reviews. You should see what they say also on Barnes & Noble.

3. David Gaughran. The ebook I paid for and downloaded was at Taipei International Airport flying to Manchester International Airport. As I was waiting to board I opened my Kindle, I saw on Amazon an ebook called ‘Let’s Get Digital‘ I bought it and 60 seconds later was reading it. Before I landed in Manchester I had finished  the whole book and was ready with my new knowledge to make my own. This a great book and everything in it can and will help you out. I like what he posts on his blog. The latest news and how he is doing personally with indie publishing.

4. Paul Salvette. I bought his book on ebook formatting called ‘How To Format Your Ebook For Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, And Eeverything Else‘ after reading a section of it from an article  that he wrote. This has been the bible at the side of my laptop when ever I get into any difficulties. One word to describe this book. Brilliant! It does everything the title says and more with some great explanations. It could of just been a small book on formatting only one format, but no. He gives you everything.

5. D.D. Scott of The Writers Guide to E-Publishing one the first blog I signed up for. Regular updates and news it’s a great resource for writers. D.D. Scott is a regular writer with a myriad of books under her belt. Well worth checking.

6. R. S. Charles blog is nice, bright and about mystery. I like a good mystery and the author is very good at writing mystery that take you into a situation that keeps you reading. Good stuff!

7. Kenn Crawford. Genius! There you go, enough said. Well, let me write some more. I came across this writer and podcaster around 2010. I first wanted to release my book as a podcast and he had kindly given me some tips through the brilliant podcast website Podiobooks.com Kenn really knows his stuff as he’s a sound engineer. His books are brilliant. I read a short story he wrote called ‘I, Daddy’ Thought  is was great. His website is full of information and he is now recording podcasts for the very beginner of this amazing medium. You can find the new podcasts at ‘Podiorookie

8. Morgen Bailey. Kindly interviewed me and what an interview. Great questions that really got me to think about why I am writing and why I enjoy doing it. The interview is scheduled to be released on July 10th. She is a credit  to all things writing and she has one heck of a interview list. Have a look. She’s always looking out more interviews. Contact her she will be happy to answer.

9. Derek J. Canyon. Another one of those blogs that I like to go to when I am doing some ebook formatting. He has a great blog about his Adventures in self publishing. Really great stuff and very easy reading. some real nuggets. He has a great list of books that he has published. (jealous!)

10. Joe Konrath. A ‘you see what you get’ blog and blogger. A newbie’s guide to self publishing is a straight down the middle blog that tells you how it is. He knows his stuff and some great articles and expressive thoughts on what he has written. Highly recommended.

11. Children’s Books and Reviews. It’s what it says on the tin. Great site. Let me quote from their site. “1. Books must have subjective appeal for a child, i.e., they must be enjoyable for the child to read.  Factors that might make up the subjective appeal of a book include interesting themes, excellent illustrations, a compelling story, or humor. 2. Books must have developmental value for a child, i.e., they must support the healthy development of the child.  Factors that might contribute to the developmental value of a book include creativity, educational merit (e.g., engagement of themes we want a child to learn about), edifying language, and the exemplification of excellent moral and aesthetic values.” What more can I say.

12. Dark Faerie Tales. Great image on the site. There’s interviews, reviews and events. A great site with plenty of stuff to keep you going. Check out the review section. Tons of stuff.

13. Ebook Reader.  Great site for all new on hardware and software for ebooks. Reviews, some great How To guides, sales and links for free ebooks. It’s a great site to get the latest information on anything ebooks.

14. Free Book Spot. This is one of two that I love to visit for some free books. I love astronomy and this site a has a good selection for free books on that site.

15. The second of my free ebook sites. Project Gutenberg. Brilliant as they have been pioneers in the development of ebooks since the idea was first though of.


I’m suppose to write 7 things about myself according to the rules.

1. Don’t watch much television. No real chance with three kids. I read a lot. I mean a lot from different genres.

2. I’m from England. I live in Taiwan. I have a brother and sister. My sister lives in Australia.

3. I also write horror. The horror book I am working on now is a semi-biographical account of my time living in a haunted house with three ghosts. That was fun! really, it was.

4. When I was about 9 I would always daydream and that got me into some serious trouble at school. I would think about fantasy all the time. “Get your head out of the clouds, Rutter!” was the favourite phrase from my teacher, then “get your backside to the front of the class” was another!

5. I’ve met and had a chat with the President of Taiwan, Mr Ma. He has great English skills. And Alex Do, he’s a Taiwanese singer. Nice guy.

6. I am a ‘learn how to do it and do it all yourself’ kind of freak. When it comes to everything. I just love to know how things happen and learn how to do it.

7. I love this one. When I was 24 I applied for The Princess Youth Trust for a business loan. My idea and business plan was to start up an Internet company helping business get online. This is when Kodak brought out the DC-120. The first 1 megapixel cameras the were about £1000 each. My application was rejected on the grounds that “the Internet is a fad and won’t last more than 5 years” I guess they got that right.

Hope that helps

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Article by Ian S. Rutter


Ian S. Rutter is an indie publisher of a children’s book called ‘The Faeries of Birchover Wood’ He is writing the sequel, a short story and a horror novel. For fun he spends time with his three children and his wife. He loves reading, drawing, walking and daydreaming.

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