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Kobo Writing Life nearly here

Kobo gives more options to e-publishers

Hello and what a sunny day it is, well soon will be for all indie publishers as there is going to be a new kid on the block.

Kobo who has been making inroads within the ebook industry is rolling out their own self publishing system and should be fully operational by the end of June 2012.

Here is what Kobo say on their website.

Kobo Writing Life is where it all begins

Do you have a story to tell? Are you an author with a bestseller just waiting to be discovered? Want to reach out to millions of readers in over 170 countries? Do you own the digital rights to your work?

Then have we got the tool for you. Kobo Writing Life is the one-stop, do-it-yourself publishing portal.

How’s it work?

Bring us your Word documents, your Mobi files, your Text files! We’ll run your manuscript through our advanced open-source conversion process, transforming it into an ePub in a snap so it’s ready for instant publication to hoards of Kobo readers.

Read Freely? Write freely, too!

Unlike some self-publishing portals we could mention, Kobo doesn’t bind you to us. Publish to Kobo and take your ePub to your adoring fans, no matter where they might be. You’re free to sell your eBook the way you want.

From your computer to the world

Set up your free Kobo Writing Life account and start publishing right away. You won’t have to wait long for the accolades (and royalties) to start pouring in! Kobo Writing Life is launching soon. If you sign up now, you’ll be the first to know and get your eBooks out!


Isn’t that lovely! In my book and if they are truly open, transparent and really keen for success, then I am really excited about this. As a new writer and indie publisher the more publishing systems that make it easier for us to publish the better.

I have gripes about Smashwords. I have finished with Amazon KDP programme and like it, don’t like it. (Will tell you why on an update from the Amazon articles)

Kobo has had 1,600 beta testers using the system to get it working first time before the official rollout and from what the testers had been reporting, things look good. If they do allow all manner or formats to be uploaded (Take note Smashwords) then converted to ePub, then that will take a lot of work of one’s hands.

Here is their site for the above. If you need any more information, sign up and they will send you news of when things are happening. You could also download their desktop app which is a good idea and use it for testing your ebooks before publishing.

Here is the download link.

I really do hope this works out and they become a new player in the publishing world of e-books. A little competition is great and if they are fair with publishers/writers then why can it not be a success. They have the hardware, they have the shop now they will have the publishing platform. Interesting all round system heading out way soon.

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Article by Ian S. Rutter


Ian S. Rutter is an indie publisher of a children’s book called ‘The Faeries of Birchover Wood’ He is writing the sequel, a short story and a horror novel. For fun he spends time with his three children and his wife. He loves reading, drawing, walking and daydreaming.

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