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How to publish an ebook on Amazon

How to publish your manuscript on Amazon is very easy and quick. This is  a tutorial on uploading your manuscript to Amazon. I know this is jumping the queue a little as I haven’t post the Calibre tutorial yet! But as my friend L. Lee Scott was ready to upload her new ebook Storm Borne, I […]

How to make an ebook

There’s a right and a wrong way. Do it right first time. How to make an ebook or how to create an ebook and get it correctly formatted for Amazon Kindle – Well that’s my task that I’ve set out to do. The ‘how to convert an ebook to Kindle’ will also be covered later […]

Which eBook format

Which eBook format – Not all eReaders are created the same – Different ebook formats for different eReaders – Which ebook format? What a question to ask as there are a lot of formats that can be used, but there is NOT one eReader that can read them all. Why? Domination. (just love that word) […]

Publish Your Book For The Amazon Kindle

Publish your book for the Amazon Kindle is easier than you think. (It really is!) Are you one of the many people who has the ambition to publish a book? Maybe you’ve had a novel tucked away in your desk for years now. (who hasn’t.) Maybe you have a collection of short stories or poetry. […]

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