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The Faeries E-Book 1 SAMPLE


On this page is a Sample of the e-book you can get at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

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Faeries of Birchover Wood - Book 1 - The Bad, The - Ian S. Rutter.jpg






As I sat amongst the trees one day, my eyes were drawn to things that swayed amongst the boughs and leaves. I saw flitting from tree to tree, little bodies with wings that moved so fast the human eyes could not catch.

As I looked a ball of mist appeared as if a meeting had occurred. And in a flash it flew away to hide behind the boughs and leaves that kept all of them safe.

I stared, three little beings came floating down to search me out upon the ground. I felt no fear just a calmness all around, and then a canopy of light covered the ground.

Visions I had, and visions I could see, mythical creatures appeared to me. Abby Lubbers and the Apple Tree Man. Barguest, Black Annis and Boggarts were the start. Bogies, Brownies, and the Bucca Bucca Boo came next, followed by Derricks and Dobbies with Feriers, Gable Rathchets, Galley-Begger and Gally Trot.

I looked and smiled as well as sweat, for fear and excitement were taking me. A journey that was not yet at an end.

Hairy Jacks, Hinkey Punk, with Knockers and Knuckers all were so clear. Necken and Nixies, Oakmen and Old Bloody Bones, my mind was amazed by the spirits that were here.

More came and showed themselves to me. I was aghast by the sight, and so I continued to peer. Padfoot, Peg O’Nell, the Peg Powler, Pinkets and Piskies and Pixies flying around. With Portune standing only an inch high, everything was a wonder. Then they all looked at me.

Shag Foal and Spriggans came over to see. Next there was Thrummy Cap and the Tiddy Ones. Waffs and Wight and my favourite Will o the Wisp. I was happy to be among the creatures of the night.

It was time to say goodbye, and my dream was coming to an end. All that stood around me promised that I would never forget.

Now that you have been touched by the magic of the creatures, forever you will see them and never forget.

I closed my eyes and counted to three. I opened them and was back in my room. A book called  Mythical Creatures was next to me.

From that time on and to this present day, I still visit my friends in the woods of Birchover.



- Chapter 1 -



The sky was covered in a carpet of brilliant blue stretching as far as the eye could see, not even a cloud to break the perfect covering. All was peaceful in the sky but on the ground, it was a different story.

The land was covered in lush sweet, green grass, and soft to the touch. Each blade of grass gently swayed as the invisible stroking hand of a breeze tickled it.

Cows were grazing, chewing the grass like it was the best thing they had ever eaten. The sound of ripping, and then the crunching of grass between teeth was being carried by the wind. All the cows were content with their free meal unaware that something was lurking close by.

This something, this thing was unlike any beast that had walked, crawled or slithered. It had no real defining physical form. It was black as the night, and looked like what could be described as very thick mud.

It moved like a caterpillar and changed shape, from flat to bulbous, so that it could travel from one place to another. If you saw it you would be forgiven for saying that it resembled a giant slug. It belched, bulged, slithered and slimed.

Constantly hungry, it kept looking for food so that it could grow and gain strength. The beast wasn’t dumb, nor was it without purpose. It had a plan and it needed to eat more, a lot more before it was strong enough to meet its final victims and fulfil an obsession. The obsession for power to rule over everyone.

This hulk of badness was simply that. Bad! There was nothing good about it. Goodness could never come from it. It was soulless. Maybe it was a representation of all that was bad in the world, or it was a virus that had mutated into something larger, more dangerous. Whatever it was, or wherever it came from, the Bad, the name that it can be described as, had only one purpose, to eat anything living and then grow.

Slithering its way across the grassy land of a farmer’s field, the Bad slowly crept closer and closer towards a cow, that was peacefully grazing on the lush green grass. It stopped slithering, sensing the cow was feeling a little weary. The munching cow raised its head to see if anything was approaching. Seeing nothing strange, the cow lowered its head back down to drown in mouthfuls of sweet juicy grass. Once the cow settled back munching away at the free feast, the Bad continued its journey towards its prey.

Only a few feet away from the cow, the Bad slowly sucked in air, expanding its black, sticky mass, giving itself enough energy to lunge at its chosen prey.

The cow stopped munching. The grass stopped swaying and without warning, a loud shrieking noise from behind the cow erupted. It was a sound like a skidding car on a dry road. The cow threw its head up to try and see what was making the noise, at the same time jumping forward to try and outrun the invisible sound. The cow couldn’t move fast enough, and in the corner of its big round eyes, it saw what made the noise.

A black muddy form jumped into the air, some of its body still clinging to the ground as to keep balance.

Within a few seconds the horrible dirty form touched the cow, and as its mass of slime started to take a grip of the defenceless animal, the rest of its body left the ground. Like a spring desperate to get back into shape, the rest of the formless beast fell upon the cow. In the blink of an eye the cow was covered in what looked like black slime.

The eyes of the cow opened as wide as they could just from sheer fright. Its cries drowned out by the smothering, sticky substance that shaped itself around the cow, until all that was left was a silhouette of its shape. Black as the night sky, it was clearly visible with the sun shinning brightly.

The Bad rippled as if it was swallowing. The rippling effect started at one end, peaked in the middle, and then died down at the other end. As this movement continued a huge loud sound could be heard, and the shape of the cow disappeared with each passing rippling effect.

A few minutes later as the body of the cow had been consumed, the black mass slowly sank to the ground until it just looked like a mound of mud. Motionless, glistening in the sun.

A few moments passed and the mound of living mud seemed to shiver as if it had been hit by a cold wind. The shivering stopped. Then the Bad moved across the grassy field towards another cow.

It never felt content or full, pity or remorse. It didn’t care what it ate. It knew that the more it ate, the faster and bigger it grew. And it wanted to be so very big before the time came to show itself and what it was capable of.

- 2 -



The age of magic and mysticism was believable at one time. Humans and Faeries were friends, and England was in a time when folklore, myths and legends were born from great acts of chivalry. Knights were abundant and the King was respected by both his subordinates and the animals of the land.

At that time, certain myths were true such as faeries, and they had been around longer than anyone could remember.  Humans and myths lived together side by side in harmony. As both groups lived off the land, both helped each other.

The faeries protected the domestic animals and the harvest, and humans were very careful as to what was cut down from the woodlands. For England, it was a very prosperous period in time, until something started to stir.

People could be heard saying strange things about cattle disappearing. Fields of hay having strange blackish muddy trails. Horses refused to go in a certain direction, running scared from something that couldn’t be seen. All this was accepted as country folk reading into something that really was just a bunch of nonsense and superstition. As time went on, so the stories seemed to disappear.

Everyone and everything got on with whatever was needed to be done. But within the community of faeries, some of the elders were feeling slightly worried. Therefore, they sent out scouts to look for what was behind the stories. Sadly, all the scouts reported nothing but the odd bone or black trail of mud. Nothing else could be found. The scouts were called off, but the word was to keep all senses alert in-case anything unusual should happen.

One particular elder of great age and wisdom, knew that what they were seeking would one day show itself. It wasn’t before the Bad did show itself.

It started by ravaging small villages. Many people tried to attack it with simple weapons such as, pitch forks, sheers and home made spears, but it did no good. The black veil of mud like substance would drown the attackers, by covering them in its black sticky body.

When the Bad moved on, all that remained were corpses, thin as a stick, white as chalk, and with an expression of sheer fright frozen to their faces.

One time a village had lookouts on the watch, readying themselves for the thing to come. The spotters, as they were known, had been looking for days until one shouted.


The Bad was spotted and the whole village prepared itself. They had the usual farming tools at hand, as well as five catapults they had made. The ends of these catapults were filled with hay soaked in black oil ready to be lit.

The village had about 200 men and women as well as children. Anyone strong enough to pick up a weapon stood facing the direction the Bad was coming from.

The head of the village looked around and noticed there was no sound in the air. Not even a cluster of  black ravens or crows were flying. It was to be a black day.

He said to himself, “Death is coming. May God have mercy on all of us.”

Just over the far hill in the distance, everyone saw a dark mass of a thing moving forward. It was huge! Black and solid, leaving a trail of black slime behind as it moved forward towards the village.

“READY!” the village head shouted.

Everyone stiffened their stance. The five catapults were loaded with bales of hay dripping in black oil. The men in charge of lighting them were shaking with fear. There were a dozen men with bows and flaming arrows at the ready. The whole village was standing in a long curved line, ready to hit the oncoming nothingness from every angle.

The men, women and children who had volunteered to stand and fight, stood looking at the thing that was coming forward, faster and faster towards them.

In front of the villages was a stone wall they had built a few days before. Hope rested on the wall that it would stop it, or at least slow the beast down.


The village head screamed the order, and the five catapults with bales of hay loaded were lit. Immediately, the bales of hay roared with intensity, and the men in charge of operating them had to step back, so as not to be scorched by the red hot flames. The head man had his hand raised high. Those at the catapults were waiting for the order. Seconds seemed like hours, everyone sweating with fear.

All the animals had gone taken from the village. All that remained was silence, just the occasional crackling sound from the dry burning hay. Not even a cool breeze could be felt. Death was coming and it was coming fast.


The village head shouted the order, at the same time bringing his arm down with great speed.

The men at the catapults pulled the levers hard. With a thundering noise, the bales of hay left the catapults and zoomed across the bright blue sky, leaving a black thick line of smoke. Within seconds, there were five fire balls, screaming through the air heading for the shapeless thing. Ready to devour the Bad  with fire.

BOOM! Three bails of hay hit the ground with a sound that could be heard for miles. Fire spread across the field in front of the speeding beast. The fire rose high into the air, blocking the path of the incoming evil. The other two fiery bales of hay hit the Bad fast, and hard. Some of the villagers cheered but the fire balls blew apart as they hit the Bad, spreading fire in all directions, burning on top of the beast and then dying out quickly.


Another five missiles of burning hay were flying high into the sky. This time all five hit the shapeless beast.

Five scorching hot fire balls slammed hard into the beast. At the same time, the charging beast hit the wall of fire that was created a few moments before. With the wall of fire and the fire balls engulfing the Bad, it became one gigantic ball of black and orange fire, letting out a deep growling scream. Not of pain but of anger. This scream of anger quickly turned into a burst of speed. The Bad rapidly shot forward leaving a trail of fire. It was now heading straight for the village.

The village head shouted a command, and the line of people started to slowly back away. But then some of villagers feeling fearful, started to run away from the beast and into the village. Some of the men stood their ground, until they saw the shapeless black mass smash through the wall like it was made of grass. Boulders flew through the air crashing to the ground. A few of the rocks came crashing on some men, who tried to run out of the way.

The men who were operating the catapults were the first to be hit by the Bad. It showed no mercy.

Rising high into the air, its form blocked out the sun from the men who were looking up at it. Without time to spare, the men tried to run and before they made two feet, it came crashing down upon them. All that was heard was a loud scream then a dull thud. People screamed all around. Some ran back into their homes, and some brave souls stood to fight the formless beast.

They stood on the spot throwing spears, pitchforks, rakes and rocks at the thing. Only to see that everything that they threw, was just sucked into its hulking black mass. Without hesitation, long black tentacles shot out from the Bad in all directions. At amazing speed, the tentacles caught hold of people and dragged them into its body. As every victim was caught and pulled into the black slimy body, so its size increased.

The beast was still smoking from the fire, and behind it was the trail it left behind, which was still alight.

Some people in sheer desperation to get away, ran into the fire and were gobbled up by the flames.

Tentacles of varying lengths and thickness, were still shooting out of the beast, grabbing people then throwing them up into the air. As if time slowed down, the falling victims fell into the hulking mass of a body. Some of the tentacles flattened out, and were used to swipe away homes to reveal the occupants who were found shuddering in a corner, defenceless. A few seconds later, the building was destroyed and the occupants were taken.

The destruction of the village, and the mass taking of the villagers was over in less than twenty minutes. The village was left in a pile of rubble with a few fires burning away. The physical sign of the beast, was a long line of black slime and burnt soil left in its wake of carnage. As before, when it had finished, it disappeared without a trace.

Silence returned to the village as did a breeze. Ravens were picking on what was left, but something stirred in the background causing the ravens to fly away. A movement indicating the Bad was returning?

It wasn’t the Bad. It was a young child of about fourteen years old, who had survived by diving for cover under a pile of fallen rocks. There he stayed, silent, not moving an inch. A witness to the destruction of his home and people. The boy was forced to watch until the Bad had gone. There was nothing he could do.

A mist of dense black smoke blew across the land making it difficult to see.

The boy got up dazed and confused, wondering if there were any other survivors.

Scared and shaking with fear, he fell to the ground and started to cry until his eyes became dry, and his lungs started to hurt. With nothing else to do and with what seemed like all hope lost, the young boy picked himself up and started his long, lonely walk to try and find help.

After a few hours of wandering, the boy was picked up by a group of the King’s guards. They listened to the boy’s story, and after giving him food and water, they immediately took him back to the capital at full gallop.

It took a few days to get back to the King and once they did, the boy was taken care off.

After being told of the plight of the boy’s village, as well as all the other stories of this mysterious beast roaming the land, a plan of action was organised.

It was time for battle.

- 3 -



Something had to be done, and it was apparent that the normal tactics for battle would be useless, especially when one of the King’s knights came back, looking like a skeleton still attached to his horse. That was a sign that the Bad was indeed powerful, for if it could defeat a knight blessed by God, then the King needed God like powers to defeat the Bad.

The King knew about the mythical beasts that dwelt upon the land. He knew that the beast that was causing havoc was no ordinary beast, and to face it, the King would need special knowledge on how to defeat it. He called upon the enchanted beasts of the land and all answered his cry for help.

Faeries, Boggarts, shape shifting goblins called Brags. Derricks the size of dwarfs. Knockers, mine spirits from Cornwall. Swamp dragons called Knuckers, and many others that had to be seen to be believed. The King was moved and humbled by what had gathered outside his court yard.

On the day when all the myths came forth a pact was made. A pact that was to last until time itself would end.  This pact would ensure that as long as mankind continued to live with nature, man, myth, folklore and legend would be remembered, and everything would live with each other having respect and admiration for the other.

For the faeries, the one who represented them was called Elder Perennial Swallowtail. He had a mind unlike any other faery that had come before him. His knowledge of magic was vast, having even taught some humans the wonderful qualities of plants and herbs that grew around the countryside.

He had an idea of what the Bad was, and even had an idea of how to defeat it. He sort council with the King and the King accepted.

Elder Perennial Swallowtail introduced himself to the King. To make communication a little easier, Elder Swallowtail whispered a few words to himself and almost immediately, the faery was nearly the same height as the king. All the king saw was a slight blurry image, and the faery changed from being just a size of an apple to the size of an adult. They both spoke for hours, until day turned into night and night turned into day.

They both came out of a sealed room guarded by twelve knights dressed in pure white armour. Each guard stood still with a sword held in their right hand. A shield held in their left. It had a picture of a lion’s head and the words, “In Deus Nos Reperio, Vires Quod Rex Rgis Nos, Reperio Veneratio” (<i> In God We Find Strength And King We Find Honour </i>) written around its frame.

The King and Elder Perennial Swallowtail stood to greet all the beasts and men who served under the King. Everyone stood up and looked at the King, and as they did they could all see an aura of light shining brightly around him.

The King spoke to everyone in the great room of his castle, and as he spoke his voice echoed throughout the room.

“Elder Perennial Swallowtail and I, have spoken about a great many things.”

The King’s voice seemed concerned but still had an authority to it.

“We believe the only way to fight this cursed evil, is to pull together our beliefs and combine them into one very powerful spell of goodness. A pure spell, that will be too powerful for this evil beast to fight against.”

There came a lot of mumbling from everyone in the room. To quieten the noise, Elder Swallowtail’s glow increased and a little humming sound could be heard. This not only made everyone quiet, but seemed to give the King added strength.

It was decided that a member from each of the animals, or mythical creatures would be selected to contribute to the spell.

From the faeries there came ancient herbs. From the swamp dragons came a golden claw, known as the Claw of Compassion. Legend has it, that anyone who has the claw will be able to ride the backs of any dragon, even the most vicious. From the Boggarts, came a vase of essence that is said to help anyone shape shift. Next, a goblin that gave a leather chest covering that was worn by the great goblin King, King Grak Ig Ven. The Derricks gave the sweetest meats from Cornwall. The King gave writings on the finest silk paper. Stories of great chivalry, honesty and bravery. Also he gave a sword to the spell, a symbol of righteousness.

All the items were wrapped up inside a satchel made from spiders’ silk, woven by the hands of five hundred female faeries. Then a glass containing one breath of dragon’s fire, was to be thrown onto the package of items to seal them and consummate the spell.

As the glass of dragon’s fire was thrown, it hit the satchel shattering the glass spreading the fire, devouring the satchel. A green and blue flame erupted filling the empty space of the room. Then it formed a long spiral of fire.

The satchel, engulfed by the fire rose into the air hovering in the centre of the room. The spiral of fire was now a ball of green and blue flames, with the satchel in the middle of this amazing spectacle.

Elder Perennial Swallowtail moved forward saying a few words quietly. He tossed some water that he carried in a container, at the flames. As the water hit the flames a brilliant flash of green, blue and red light erupted. The flames and satchel fell to the ground, and what was left was a crystal ball. Inside it everyone could see a rainbow of colours whirling around like a mist.

Elder Perennial Swallowtail picked up the ball, which was now the size of a human hand, and gave it to the King.

“Righteous King of this country,” he said, “this is for you and you alone to use.”

The King took the ball, which had no weight but felt as solid as steel.

“I will use it for the good of this country, and for every living thing that walks up on the soil, flies in the sky or swims in the sea,” he replied.

Everyone looked at the King and with raised fists, saluted and cheered him.

Moments later and with the crystal ball in his hand, the King faced his huge army that had formed outside the castle. Wearing his battle armour and sitting on his white and black Clydesdale, he turned his attention to the army that represented every living creature that lived in England.

“My friends,” he paused in thought, “do not look up on me as a saviour. Today we will save one another. We will fight an evil that threatens the very existence of what we hold dear. We will overcome that beast and send it back to where it came from. And never will we see it again.”

The King looked round to all that was in front of him.

“We will not give in. We will not be afraid of fear. We will be fear itself to that, that comes forth and tries to take away what we love.”

The adrenaline in everyone was flowing.

“An evil such as that, which we have never seen before can not be permitted to live. I, like you will put my life down if it means all other life may live. May God be on our side, and may we succeed so that we can celebrate with honour.”

The King’s horse reared its front legs high into the air, and an army of numbers that was too many to count cheered out loud, shaking the very foundations of the King’s home.

The King’s army was ready.

The King’s knights, foot soldiers and archers were all standing to attention. The beasts of myths were fearless and ready for war.

A large group of gold and bronze coloured dragons flew overhead. Some had landed standing at the back of the army with their wings outstretched, as if they were warming them from the heat of the sun. Goblins readied themselves sharpening their battle axes.

Faeries flew around everyone handing out small sacks to be worn around the neck. Inside these sacks, the herb Absinthe. An ancient herb that has always been used to protect the wearer from evil.

Blurrs and Afancs gathered together. Majestic Griffins had arrived and allowed some soldiers to be riders.

The huge army separated into two halves. The King on his horse rode through the centre inspecting his army. As he was inspecting his fearless men, his mind started to think.

He was the King of the greatest nation that had ever lived. He and his men had over come hordes of barbarians from other countries. He, as well as his forefathers had marched against armies of greater size, knowing that this land was blessed by God. Since the one who has been anointed King or Queen of England, and sits on a throne upon the Bethel Stone, because of that, England can and will never be ruled by a foreign invader.

In the King’s mind, this new invader had no such ideas about rule. It seemed to have come from nowhere and its intentions were on destroying everything. It had to be stopped at any cost.

The King was now at the front of the army. His men were giving their service to him at no cost. He looked at them and gave the order.


With perfect timing, everything that held a weapon slammed its right foot down hard to the ground, creating an eruption of sound. The army moved forward walking through the castle’s gates towards the last known destination of the Bad.


- 4 -



For a few days the vast army of men and myths walked on. Everyone and everything had one thing on their mind, the survival of its kind against an enemy that had proved to be very elusive. Every so often, scouts would be sent out and ordered to be back by a certain time, to report on any unusual activities or sightings.

Four groups of men were selected. Each group having four men. Each of the groups were sent in a Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern direction. They had the fastest horses, and to not slow the horses down, they rode with very little protection, only carrying a sword and the emblem of the King on the chest plate of their uniform. Each group also had a Peregrine Falcon flying with them. Every rider knew what to do if he spotted the beast.

The group was to make a positive sighting, then tag the falcon with a message stipulating the exact location of the beast at that time. Then two men would trail the beast, while the other two of the group, would gallop as fast as they could back to the King, making sure the message was delivered. Once they had met up with the King’s army, they would direct the army to the last known location of the beast.

The groups were sent out and the King waited patiently for word of the enemy. It was an unsettling time, and to pass the time the King frequently talked to Elder Perennial Swallowtail about life as a faery, and the lifestyle they lived. The King was most interested, and was known as one who was keen on new ideas and cultures. Just then a voice in the background broke his conversation with Elder Perennial Swallowtail.


Everyone looked at the man who was shouting. He was pointing at the sky.

The falcon came swooping down. Not a sound could be heard. Only a perfectly formed body could be seen. A man who had been trained with the falcon, raised his head and whistled. Immediately, the falcon turned direction and headed for the whistling man. The falcon swooped low to the ground only inches from touching it. Within a few feet of the man’s raised arm, the falcon shot up lifting its talons and gently landing on the man’s arm, that was covered in a thick leather glove.

After giving the falcon some well earned fresh meat, the man unclipped the message that was tied to the falcons leg. He immediately gave the message to the King who was now standing next to him.

The King unwrapped the message and read it.




After the King read it, everyone knew what to do.

“Everyone, ready yourselves for Birchover. We ride in five minutes.”

The Kings voice echoed through the whole camp of men, and not one wasted anytime. War was at hand.

The army marched hard. On the way, the army met the two scouts coming back to report on the sighting. The two scouts led the way, and after a few days they were very close to Birchover village.

On the way to Birchover the scouts described what they had seen. A huge mass of black and brown mud like substance. They had witnessed a few people who had tried to fight it but were grabbed and sucked into its body. The King listened intently and reassured his men that nothing was unstoppable.

The army had now positioned itself within a wood just outside the village. From this position the King could see what was happening. His view was clear. No Bad. No black mass. Nothing.

He ordered the falcon to be let loose in case his scouts were hiding, and wanted to know if they had arrived. The bird soared into the air scouring the sky. It saw something and swooped down, but before it could change direction, it was grabbed from the sky and devoured. That was the sign that the Bad was here.

The King sent messages, telling his men to take position and wait on his command. They were ready to move. As soon as his men gave a signal that they were all ready, the King raised his sword and the whole group moved forward in perfect timing.

The plan was to surround the beast and attack it from all sides. To see if a weakness could be found. The whole troop of men and myth moved forward, weapons at the ready. The ground rumbled under the constant pounding of the army’s feet. The noise of their presence filtered back to the Bad. It had now turned direction and headed for the King and his men.

The King saw the Bad in full view for the first time.

“What in heaven is it?” he said to himself.

The army split into four different sections. Each section had an equal number of men and mythical creatures. The faeries and flying swamp dragons took to the sky. The plan, to attack fast, viciously and without mercy.

The first to hit the Bad was a sky full of arrows. They poured down like hailstones, only much deadlier and more accurate. For the first assortment of arrows, there were no less than three hundred screeching through the air in one go. The sky became black and the accuracy was unquestionable. All three hundred arrows hit their intended target. As every arrow penetrated the mass of slime, everyone from the army looked. For a few seconds, the Bad paused as the arrows stuck out protruding from the body, making the slimy beast look like an over grown hedgehog. Then a sound like a long breath sucked in air, and the arrows started to sink in and disappear.

A second arrangement of arrows were at the ready.

“FIRE!” the King commanded.

The arrows were set free. This time even more were streaming through the air, and before they had hit their target, a third lot of arrows were following in the air. The heads of these arrows were on fire. Like a stealth missile, every single arrow hit the black and brown mass. The arrows with burning heads hit the black mass and the fire hissed. Again, all the arrows were sucked in.

The King shouted an order, and all horses galloped at full speed with the King at the forefront of the stampede. Running soldiers with swords drawn were screaming at the top of their voices. Goblins, ghouls and other mythical creatures charged forward screaming in their own tongue. The land was a noise of fear and heroism.

Three groups ran ahead and split up. One group split to the left side. One group split to the right, and the third group galloped ahead. They were to surround the Bad. The King and his group would hit it, what they presumed was the front. As the King and his men rushed forward, five dragons glided effortlessly above and ahead of them.

The King shouted, “TAKE THAT THING DOWN!”

With one flap of their giant wings, the dragons sped forward. Two broke away. One to the left, and one to the right. The remaining three formed a triangle formation. The three let out a soul destroying burst of fire at the Bad, covering it completely. The heat was so hot, that it would have fried a man within a second of coming into contact with it. The other two dragons after seeing their comrades fly off, swooped in with talons bigger than a house outstretched. Plunging their claws deep into the black and brown burning mass, they pulled large chunks of the stuff out as they flew past.

The Bad didn’t move, didn’t even make a sound. It just shuddered.

The dragons threw away what they had ripped out from the Bad, and as soon as the stuff hit the ground, it quickly moved in the direction where the Bad was and rejoined it. The five dragons roared in the sky, having their prize deceive them. They turned around and came for another pass. This time the Bad was ready.

As two dragons breathed their fire, the Bad shot out of the way. The dragons missed their intended target and instead, they hit a few buildings, blowing them up and sending rocks shooting into the sky. The other three dragons quickly veered away, but as they passed the Bad, it shot out a huge tentacle, which grabbed the tail of one. The dragon that got caught jerked viciously in the air. It roared, and with its wings flapping at an increased rate, it was finding it more and more difficult to stay in the air.

A hundred or so arrows hit the Bad, but it did nothing.

The four remaining dragons came around and at an increased speed, headed for the tentacle.

The two leading dragons blew out fire balls, which were the size of horse drawn carriages. Four, five, six fire balls flew fast and hard at the tentacle, hitting it with pinpoint accuracy. The fire balls blasted apart when they hit the tentacle, and the fire spread up and down the long black grip.

As the tentacle burned with such intense heat, it started to drip like hot wax, instantly starting small fires as they hit the ground.

The other two dragons charged forward and with two massive flaps of their wings, increased their speed and smashed themselves into the burning tentacle. The dragons hit the tentacle hard blasting it apart by their sheer speed. This immediately set the captured dragon free. As the five dragons flew higher into the sky, the Bad made a noise, which was the start of its size increasing ten fold.


There you have it. 10% of the story.

If you have managed to read it to this point then congratulations! Hopefully you will be a little more curious and head over to Amazon.com or Amzon.co.uk

Thank you for spending time on this page.


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Article by Ian S. Rutter


Ian S. Rutter is an indie publisher of a children’s book called ‘The Faeries of Birchover Wood’ He is writing the sequel, a short story and a horror novel. For fun he spends time with his three children and his wife. He loves reading, drawing, walking and daydreaming.

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