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The Faeries of Birchover Wood b1

The Faeries of Birchover Wood - Book 1 - The Bad

The Faeries of Biirchover Wood B1

New Family – New Life – Ancient Evil

When eight year old Solomon and his family move to Birchover village, in Derbyshire, they never realised that the move would change their whole world forever!

After asking his mother’s permission to go out, Solomon ventures into the wood at the bottom of his garden.

After walking for some time and finding himself lost, he sees a light quickly approaching. As it stops in front of his face, he instantly recognises it.

A faery!

She introduces herself as Caitlin, and helps him get home. On the way, she tells him of a terrible evil monster that is imprisoned under a tree at the heart of the wood.

Seeing his home, Solomon thanks Caitlin and rushes home to tell his parents of the magic in Birchover Wood.

A few days later, a storm damages the old tree and all the faery elders are worried of the great danger that faces them.

After the storm, Solomon convinces his parents to go into the wood to try and see the magical faeries.

As they venture deeper into the woodland, a faery appears and takes hold of Solomon. Using magic, he transports the two of them to the monster, imprisoned under the tree.

Immediately, the monster takes possession of Solomon and with magic, it leaves its prison to take revenge on those that locked it away.

Standing under the roots of the tree, Solomon, now taken over by the evil, causes the tree to explode. He rises out through the hole and in to the fresh air of the wood.

He faces an army of dragons, boggarts, faeries and other mythical creatures that have been summoned to fight.

The mythical creatures must destroy the evil inside Solomon, but also save him before it is to late.

 * * * * *

 The Faeries of Biirchover Wood B1 – The Bad is the first of an exciting series of books based on the community of the Birchover faeries. Book2 ‘The Brethren is coming soon!

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Article by Ian S. Rutter


Ian S. Rutter is an indie publisher of a children’s book called ‘The Faeries of Birchover Wood’ He is writing the sequel, a short story and a horror novel. For fun he spends time with his three children and his wife. He loves reading, drawing, walking and daydreaming.

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